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Meet me

As a therapist, I work with individuals over the age of 18. My practice is based in Basingstoke. I am a registered member of BACP and I have been working as a counsellor since 2019. 

My philosophy is to work with the person, not the symptoms. In my practice I have worked with people who struggled with anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, complicated relationships, and various losses throughout their lives. In my experience these issues and many more can be worked through by counselling.


What can you expect from me as therapist?

I believe in the importance of finding our own agency. You can expect me to respect your decisions and support you to find out what is that you need.

Hope- we all need someone to have hope in us at times. You can expect me to remain hopeful, even if you cannot see the way through.

Listening- we call it talking therapy but actually it is not the talking that helps. It’s the listening. To have someone who can listen to your feelings and stories, no matter how difficult, embarrassing, strange or banal they are. This is a space where you can share what is on your mind in confidence.

I offer open-ended weekly counselling. Open-ended means that there are no set amount of sessions, instead we work toward a mutually agreed ending and we work together as long as you find it useful. We meet once a week at a mutually convenient time and the session is 50 minutes long.

How I work

In-person counselling

I offer face to face counselling at the rate of £50 per session in Popley (Guernsey Close) in Basingstoke. Your journey starts with a 50 minutes long initial consultation session for £25. During this first session, you are welcomed to talk about your reasons for choosing counselling, you can ask any questions you might have and can get a sense of how it would feel for you to work with me. There is no obligation to continue and we will contract once you have made up your mind.


Online counselling

I also offer counselling sessions through Zoom. The rate is £50/per sessions, and the sessions are 50 minutes long. Similarly to face to face sessions, you will be offered an initial consultation for £25. This is also a full 50 minutes session via Zoom. Once again, this is your chance to see if my way of working would suit you and we can contract if you feel this is the right step for you.

I have daytime and some evening appointments as well. I work in English but I am a native speaker of Hungarian.


Training and experience

I have been working for counselling agencies since 2019. I graduated as a psychodynamic counsellor after 4 years of training. I am member of BACP ( British Associations of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) and I adhere their Ethical Framework in my practice.


CPD courses

  • The Mediated Unconscious: Psychodynamic perspectives on counselling online and by telephone

  • Client Assessment and Initial Consultation

  • Working with Trauma

  • Working Across Languages and Cultures

  • Working with a Focus: Time Limited Contracts

  • Autism in the Counselling Room

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