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It is not the change you want, it is the change you need.

Do you feel stuck in your life? As if you are running the same circles over and over again?

Do you carry too much burden from you past?

Do you feel alone and dissatisfied even in your relationships?

Are you feeling anxious all the time and overthinking every decision you make?


So, what is counselling and how can it help you with your struggles?

Counselling is about getting to know yourself better. It’s not about getting advice, it is about finding your own answers. No one knows better what you need than yourself. We will work side by side to explore your past and present for you to see where you have come from and where you are going. Through this journey you can gain insight into your own processes and while you can understand yourself better, you will be more able to lead your own life.

But what is so “psychodynamic” about this?

Have you ever heard about the unconscious? That only a fractions of our decisions are based on conscious decisions? Psychodynamic counselling is about understanding your own mind and shed light on what is going on there often without you being consciously aware of it. It is called “dynamic” because it considers the mind as a system with its own dynamics – a system capable of changes. While there are usually no guaranteed outcomes with counselling, psychodynamic counselling can provide long-standing changes and most people find it useful.


What do you need to make the most of counselling?

Be curious about yourself and engage with the process. It is a long journey but how long have you been feeling lost? Maybe years, maybe decades…if it took years of the making, it won’t be undone overnight. However, this time you won’t be alone.

Give yourself a chance and contact me to book an initial consultation.

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